Terms & Conditions of Hire


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all of the possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to equipment.


Please ensure that the following instructions are followed:

a) The equipment has an age limit of 4 years. Please ensure that no–one above this age uses the equipment.

b) The Hirer must ensure the equipment is supervised at ALL times by a responsible person over the age of 18, preferably the Hirer. Hooray Soft Play does not supervise the event and therefore accepts no liability for any damage, accidents or injuries that may occur.

c) Hooray Soft Play will setup the equipment taking into account full safety of the children. Static equipment must not be moved, weather permitting (ref. point o). We will not accept any liability for accidents, injury or damage during the period of hire if this has occurred. Photographs are taken to evidence this upon

d) Care must be taken whilst children are using the equipment to ensure damage does not occur. Please ensure that children using the ball pool do not stand on the sides to jump in. This will damage the ball pool walls and eventually cause the ball pool to fail resulting of spillage of the balls.

e) No food, drink or chewing gum to be allowed on or near the Soft Play and/or

Play Equipment, this will avoid choking and mess. If the equipment is collected in a dirty condition then the hirer will incur a cleaning charge. Reference Section f) No sand is to be used on or near the equipment. If the equipment is collected and sand is present, the hirer will incur a cleaning charge. Reference Section 2.

g) Shoes MUST be removed before using the Soft Play and/or Play Equipment.Parents/guardians who enter the Soft Play area or walk over the padded floor tiles whilst supervising must remove their shoes, particularly heels. Any damage will result in the Hirer having to pay an additional fee for replacement or repair. Reference Section 2.

h) For hygiene reasons, socks must be worn at all times whilst using the soft play and/or play equipment.

i) No face paint or silly string is to be used whilst using the equipment as this can cause stain damage.

j) No smoking near any of the equipment.

k) All our equipment will be delivered in a clean and sanitary state. Should there be significant dirt or staining upon collection the Hirer will be made liable for cleaning costs. Reference Section 2.

l) If there is any damage, however slight, or any equipment is lost or stolen, then the hirer will be liable for replacement/repair charges. Reference Section 2.

m) No furniture to be placed on the mats as this may cause damage.

n) No pets to be allowed on or near the soft play and/or play equipment.

o) In the event of rain ALL Soft Play and Play Equipment must be taken indoors/under cover to prevent it from getting wet and water damage occurring. All equipment must be towel dried thoroughly before use re-commences.

p) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure easy access to the venue for unloading and loading of equipment. Any restrictions, lack of parking, stairs, narrow doorways etc., which causes the setup of equipment to overrun into the time allocated for the hire, without notification, will not be refunded, no extra time will be allocated and full charge hire will still stand.

q) Please allow 45-60 minutes before the event for Hooray Soft Play to deliver and set up the equipment, and also 45-60 minutes after the event for us to dissemble and remove the equipment.

r) It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check the venue measurements for the required package, and also to ensure that there is adequate space surrounding the play equipment. If sufficient space is not available at the venue site for the package ordered, we reserve the right to remove certain items, at our discretion, for health and safety reasons. However, the package charge will not alter.

s) We will endeavor to arrive and setup on time, however, Hooray Soft Play cannot be held liable for delay incurred due to circumstances beyond our control (for example – traffic congestion, vehicle issues, adverse weather etc.).

t) Please ensure that equipment hired is not scattered around the venue. Equipment must be collected and placed back to the set up area.



Damage to play mats will result in the mats needing replaced for future hire. This will incur a cost at which the hirer will be responsible for.

Breakdown of replacement costs is as follows:

1-4 Mats = £15

5-8 Mats = £20

9-12 Mats = £25

13-16 Mats = £30

17-20 Mats = £39

21-25 Mats = £44

26-30 Mats = £50


If equipment becomes damaged beyond economical repair, the hirer will be responsible for the cost of renewal of equipment. The Hirer will then be expected to pay the full amount for the equipment priced as brand new within 7 days of the date of hire.


Equipment is provided clean and ready for use. Upon collection, if equipment is found to be heavily soiled or stained, then the hirer will incur an additional cleaning charge of £25.